Additional Stop Charges: Fair and Cost-Effective For Our Clients

One of the main distinctions in Global Alliance’s pricing structure is the crucial one between flat rates for direct point-to-point transfers and hourly service. Point-to-point rates can save our clients money on longer-than-standard trips, especially airport transfers, by avoiding the application of hourly rates from pick-up to drop-off times.

But what if an extra stop along the way is required on one of these direct transfers? Is it fair or cost-sensible to adjust our cost calculations to hourly rates due to a short stop-off along the direct path of the point-to-point transfer? At Global Alliance, we feel that our clients would appreciate a more flexible solution to this problem. Therefore, Additional Stop Charges are utilized.

The Additional Stop Charge applies only to a single brief stop of under 15 minutes along the direct path of a point-to-point transfer. Most commonly employed for 2 pick-ups or drop-offs to or from the airport or another destination, the Additional Stop Charge allows Global Alliance to compensate its professional chauffeurs for an added stop at a reasonable fee to our clients.

Added stops must conform to certain criteria to qualify for the application of the Additional Stop Charge at time of booking and/or of billing. Should more than one stop be required, should the stop last longer than 15 minutes, or should the stop required be well outside of the most efficient direction of travel (say, 10 minutes to the east of the pick-up location when the transfer is due to proceed westwards to the airport), billing would shift to the hourly rate. But stops that fit the guidelines would meet with a small additional fee.

For sedans, the Additional Stop Charge is $10. It is $15 for SUVs and $20 for Vans. It cannot be applied to orders in Stretch or Coach vehicles. Feel free to ask your knowledgeable and professional Global Alliance reservations agent about the Additional Stop Charge to learn more about how it can make your chauffeured limousine service more cost-effective and efficient.

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