Additional Key Information Requested for Reservations

Most clients who contact Global Alliance to reserve chauffeured transportation, even those new to our services or to the limousine business in general, are aware of the basic information required for bookings. Date, time, pick up, drop off, and stop addresses, flight number for airport arrivals, and passenger name tend to be obvious pieces of information, but there are many other key details that can be provided to ensure a smooth and convenient transfer with Global Alliance.

A cell phone number for the passenger is the first piece of additional information that our reservations agents will ask for while booking. Having a passenger’s cell in the order allows the chauffeur, the dispatch office, or both to contact the passenger directly if there are issues in locating them upon pickup or anywhere else along the way. This information may also save our clients a late night or early morning call from our office if contact is not established immediately upon pick up, as the passenger can be contacted directly instead.

Our reservations agents may also ask for the passenger’s email address. Adding an email address to the reservation allows the passenger to receive confirmation emails as well as status updates and chauffeur’s name and number through our Chauffeur Direct system. A new function of this application also allows those details to be texted to a passenger’s cell phone, another good reason to add that information to a passenger’s order.

Other details of a reservation that can be helpful in booking and preparing the appropriate transportation for a passenger include the amount of luggage they are travelling with, physical reasons to prefer one sort of vehicle to another, whether they are travelling with children or pets, as well as any other special requests of the sort previously discussed. Passengers may also wish to pay the balance of their charges for the transfer directly to the chauffeur in car by cash or credit card, and this may be specified at the time of booking as well.

Addressing these kind of common requirements in the reservation process only takes a few extra seconds and can greatly decrease the likelihood of inconvenience, delays or other issues in the course of our clients’ interactions with Global Alliance. Providing additional information of this kind works to the benefit of both our agents and our clients, and the cooperation of bookers in obtaining this information about their passengers is greatly appreciated. We hope our clients appreciate the extra effort to provide superior service as well.


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