Ensuring Accuracy and Transparency in Price Estimates

A recent discussion in this space laid out the policies and practices by which the reservations specialists of Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services strive to ensure the utmost precision, security, and confidentiality in billing the limousine services requested by our valued clients. Such care and accuracy is applied to everything we do at Global Alliance, and in the context of charges to our clients is especially important in quoting price estimates clearly, effectively, and accurately.

While obtaining proper billing information and ensuring authorization protocols are followed ensures that our confidentiality policies are met, accurate quoting of expected rates for limousine services is equally important in securing client loyalty and satisfaction. We are keenly aware that, barring understandable additions and wait times, our clients will not be satisfied if the price they are quoted at the time of reserving their vehicle with Global Alliance is substantially lower than the price they are charged at the time of billing. Many of our clients reserve transportation based on strict budgets, but even clients without specific budget accountingconcerns do not wish to be charged more than they were quoted.

Our reservationists strive for accuracy in price estimation, aided by our billing department and our affiliate manager. Certain applicable charges can be preset to auto-insert into reservations entered into the Livery Coach program which maintains all of Global Alliance’s services. However, reservationists are rigorously trained to add or subtract the correct additional charges, utilize accurate hourly minimums and total trip times, and anticipate and confirm potential fees that may apply so that little or no unexpected charges show up on our clients’ bills.

Price calculation is particularly key when reserving chauffeured transportation in other cities in Canada, the United States, or worldwide. Our reservations agents employ pre-set formulas and percentages in these calculations, many of which can be applied directly to orders in Livery Coach to ensure mathematically precision. They contact worldwide affiliates to obtain accurate pricing estimates for requested services and are tasked to double-check their calculations before quoting rates to clients. Additionally, our affiliate manager and accounting team are constantly updating in-office resources regarding rates from our affiliates (as well as in-house services), as well as adjusting standard currency exchanges rates based on changing relations between international currencies.

Some additional charges may always apply to limousine services reserved with Global Alliance. Tolls, airport fees, parking charges, and additional wait or travel time are the most common of these charges, and may show up on a client’s bill despite our team’s best efforts to anticipate and allow for them. Please keep this in mind when considering Global Alliance’s rates, but also keep in mind that our reservations and support team do their utmost to ensure that price estimates are calculated and communicated to clients with the maximum possible accuracy. Client satisfaction is paramount to Global Alliance’s operations, and accuracy and transparency in pricing is a vital part of securing that continued satisfaction.


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