Welcoming New Clients to Global Alliance

Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services can boast of many long-time, regular clients with whom we have maintained productive relationships with for years. However, we are always excited about acquiring new business. Interfacing effectively with new clients and introducing them to our procedures and services is a vital component in that effort.

The first step in the process with a new client is to acquire their contact information to build a booking profile in our Livery Coach system. Our reservations agent will ask for certain pieces of contact information from new clients: full name, contact company and their position there, email address, phone numbers (work, mobile, home if possible), and office or residence address. Credit card information is also required to reserve limousine services. Credit card number, card type, expiry date, cardholder name, and billing address are required to properly process payment.

Global Alliance also endeavours to offer our clients as much information about our services as possible when setting them up to book for the first time. Our agents will let new clients know about our Chauffeur Direct system, which automatically sends the name and phone number to either the booker’s or the passenger’s email (or both) 20 minutes before pickup time; this information can also be texted to passengers or bookers. Our cancellation policy is also outlined, often in the phone conversation while booking as well as automatically on email confirmations.

Additionally, if you’re dealing with Global Alliance for the first time, don’t be surprised if your reservations agent asks how you were referred to us or, if no referral was made, how you heard about our services. If you were recommended by a preferred partner, you may qualify for a preferred rate. If you have further questions about rates or other service-related information, our Sales department has created several PDF e-brochures which can be emailed to you. These documents detail vehicle rates and hourly minimums, as well as various services offered by Global Alliance.

By ensuring that our clients as well as our own agents have all of the information they require to make informed choices about the most appropriate limo service for our passengers, Global Alliance strives to achieve accuracy and customer service excellence in all that we do. We will be sure that your first experience with Global Alliance is a pleasant and productive one that will hopefully lead to a long-term working relationship.