Responding Productively to Special Client Requests

Continuing our discussion of the sorts of special client requests that Global Alliance is happy to endeavour to meet for our passengers, we should consider non-chauffeur-related requests.

Although Global Alliance fleet vehicles are always stocked with bottled water and candies for our passengers’ enjoyment, sometimes other drinks or food items are requested. Should passengers wish to have specialty bottled water or other non-alcoholic drinks in the vehicle upon pick-up, that can be requested and arranged. Snacks for passengers in corporate groups, for those taking longer out-of-town trips, or for rushed travelers in need of a quick bite can also be arranged. Please note that open alcohol is illegal in limousines and cannot be purchased by chauffeurs for in-vehicle consumption of passengers.

Another common passenger request is for child safety seats to be provided. Global Alliance has a number of infant/toddler and booster seats available for no extra charge, as further detailed in an earlier blog entry. Pets can also be accommodated, so long as they are kept in carrying cases or crates and are not loose in the vehicle. Exceptions to the crate rule can be made for small dogs kept in laps and, of course, for service animals. Please note that, depending on the size of the carrying case, an upgrade to a larger vehicle (sedan to SUV, for example) may be required in order to make it fit.

Special signage can be requested and arranged as well, either to be held by airport greeters or displayed in the dash for easy identification of the correct vehicle. Wi-fi is available in-vehicle by advance request. Pick-up and drop-off directions can be recorded in reservations for drivers and dispatchers to consult, and preferred routes can even be specified in order to maximize travel efficiency or the passenger’s scenic experience. Vehicles can even be arranged to transport packages, transfer equipment only, or securely deliver food to a given location.

The variety of passenger preferences and possible requests for specific services is almost endless, but in the interest of brevity this exploration of those possible options will not be. Feel free to pass along any requests or inquiries about the services that Global Alliance can offer to your reservations agent at the time of booking. We strive to achieve the best customer satisfaction possible, and going above and beyond to fulfill special requests from clients is a major feature of that effort.