Limo Bus

Chauffeured Limo Bus

Utilized predominantly by wedding parties and for other social events, the Limo Bus is equipped with all the bells and whistles for a fun night on the town: CD, DVD, and sound system, fiber optic lighting, tinted windows and blinds, a flat screen LCD television and multiple bars. Its wraparound bench seating accommodates up to 25 people, 20 comfortably. It lacks any luggage capacity, but this bus is for parties, not for airport transfers, after all. Its exterior is white in colour and there is only a single Limo Bus in our fleet, so be sure to book well in advance if this vehicle is of interest to you.

Seating Capacity: 25 maximum 20 comfortable

Luggage Capacity: No Luggage

Features: 42″ TV, 4 bars, lavatory, privacy blinds, fiber optic lighting.