Helpful Notes on Global Alliance’s World-Class Fleet – Stretches

Continuing with additional information as concerns the Global Alliance fleet, we will cover our stretch limousines.

LTC-Stretch6-Passenger and 8-Passenger Town Car Stretch Limousine

When people think of limousines, they think of stretches. Even with the increasing prevalence of sedans and SUVs for routine transfer and liveries, the sleek, elongated form of the Lincoln Town Car stretch limo still attracts clients for special occasions. Now commonly booked for weddings, funerals, and special nights on the town, the Town Car stretch is also available for airport transfers. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the stretches have no more luggage capacity than our standard sedans, as nothing more than hand luggage can be stowed in the seating area of the vehicles due to safety regulations.

Global Alliance offers Town Car stretches in two sizes and passenger capacities. Our smaller option can seat up to 6 passengers but is most comfortable for up to 4 people. A larger vehicle for up to 8 passengers is also available, though it is most comfortable for 6 people.

navigatorLincoln Navigator Stretched SUV

A larger option in the stretch limo type is the Lincoln Navigator Stretched SUV. Seating up to 12 passengers (10 people comfortably), the Navigator stretch is the only vehicle in the extensive fleet of Global Alliance that offers a choice in colour: black or white. This vehicle is a popular choice for weddings, particularly the white model as might be expected. It’s hardly weddings-only vehicle, however, and clients (especially younger ones) have found it a comfortable and fun option for evenings out as well as for other social functions.

It is vital to note, however, that as enjoyable as it the Lincoln Navigator Stretched SUV can be as a social vehicle, it’s not nearly as well adapted for airport transfers. Its length makes it difficult to maneuver in and out of the pre-arranged compound and unlike the trunks of the Town Car stretches, the Navigator stretch has no rear luggage space at all while sharing the safety prohibition against storage luggage in the seating area.

All of our stretches have fiber optic lighting in the interior, CD and DVD players with a stereo audio system, and tinted windows for added privacy.

This series exploring Global Alliance’s fleet options will conclude this week with a discussion of our buses.