Helpful Notes on Global Alliance’s World-Class Fleet – Buses

To conclude our series on what Global Alliance’s fleet has to offer, we will discuss our buses and coaches.


Seating up to 13 passengers maximum (11 comfortably), the Turtletop VanTerra is Global Alliance’s smallest coach-type vehicle. A size, comfort, and luxury upgrade from the executive vans that once filled similar functions at this capacity level, the VanTerra is similar to the Mercedes Sprinter vans that are common in Europe and large U.S. urban centres. The VanTerra is equipped with comfortable leather seats and a sound system, and has a tall vertical compartment in the rear for luggage.

Easy to enter and exit with large tinted windows, the VanTerra is ideal for corporate roadshows for half a dozen passengers or more. It’s also an excellent and comfortable choice for city and out-of-town tours, as the wide windows allow for superb visibility for the passengers inside the vehicle.

limo-busLimo Bus

Utilized predominantly by wedding parties and for other social events, the Limo Bus is equipped with all the bells and whistles for a fun night on the town: CD, DVD, and sound system, fiber optic lighting, tinted windows and blinds, a flat screen LCD television and multiple bars. Its wraparound bench seating accommodates up to 25 people, 20 comfortably. It lacks any luggage capacity, but this bus is for parties, not for airport transfers, after all. Its exterior is white in colour and there is only a single Limo Bus in our fleet, so be sure to book well in advance if this vehicle is of interest to you.


Global Alliance boasts two 26-32-passenger motor coaches in its fleet. With forward-facing row seats and luggage storage in overheard compartments, the Minicoach is perfect for corporate groups in greater numbers than the VanTerra can accommodate. It’s available for any and all bookings, however, from airport arrivals and departures to one-way transfers,  shuttle service, or out-of-town transfers. The minicoach also our next best single-vehicle option above the 13-passenger capacity of our VanTerras and the 14-passenger Vans, so for any group above 14 that wishes to travel together in one vehicle, the Minicoach is the only way to go.

For groups larger than 30 people, please contact our Sales team for highway coach options. Please note that Global Alliance has no vehicles larger than the Minicoach in our in-house fleet and anything larger would be provided by a local affiliate.