Doing Our Best to Fulfill Chauffeur-Related Special Requests

One of the advantages of reserving limousine service with an organization with the size, scope, and experience of Global Alliance is our ability to accommodate special requests from our clients. Making that extra effort to fulfill our passengers’ requirements, whatever they might be, sets us apart as a professional chauffeured transportation service.

The most basic and common customer requests tend to have to do with chauffeur assignments. Clients can often become accustomed to being driven by specific chauffeur with whom they have formed a familiarity and rapport over time. Not only can we work to assign preferred chauffeur when specifically requested, but our Livery Coach system allows our reservations and dispatch agents to form a list of preferred chauffeurs (and, if desired, restricted chauffeurs) in our clients’ profiles. This allows our dispatch team to assign the drivers that our passengers would most like to drive them, if possible.

Clients may also have less specific chauffeur-related requests. They may prefer to be driven by a chauffeur who is young and energetic, or one who is steady and experienced. They may like a chauffeur who maneuvers nimbly through traffic or one with an excellent knowledge of Toronto who can offer a city tour. We do our best to match such requests with the appropriate chauffeur from our available pool.

Our chauffeurs also come from a variety of international backgrounds, and therefore can offer a variety of language proficiencies to passengers who may not be fluent in English. Drivers currently in Global Alliance’s employ, speak languages including French, Spanish, and Italian. We can even assign chauffeurs with proficiency in Russian, Greek, Arabic, Cantonese and Mandarin, among other available spoken languages.

Of course, any number of other special requests can be made for the attention of our chauffeurs, as well as reservations and dispatch staff only, if desired. Our flexibility and expertise in accommodating such requests testifies to our unparalleled commitment to the best in customer service. These requests will be further detailed in our next blog post, coming in a few days from now.