Fleet MKS Sedan

Lincoln MKS Chauffeured sedan

As you may already know, 2011 was the final year of production for the Lincoln Town Car. Sadly, the end of an era is now truly upon us as it is time for us to replace our sedan fleet. After a couple of years of careful deliberation and seeing which way the industry was trending, we have decided that the Lincoln MKS sedan was the best choice for us, and ultimately you as the people riding in them. What you will notice immediately is that the car is smaller. There is no question about that. While the legroom is not that of a Town Car, the new reality today is that no other car measures up in that regard. However, as with most changes in the automotive world there is a tradeoff. The technological advancements and drive system are far superior to that of the Town Car. The new MKS offers an all-wheel drive system which will vastly improve the way our sedans perform in the winter months. The safety and stability features it provides make the vehicle change worthwhile alone. In addition, the upgraded equipment group we ordered includes the Blind Spot Information System, power rear sunshade, and heated rear seats to name only a few exciting new features. trunk for airport limo departureThe trunk space, which the Town Car was known for, is smaller but still respectable. At 19.2 cubic ft, the MKS will hold 2 medium suitcases and 2 sets of golf clubs. The other things we had to consider were headroom, entry door size, reliability and brand appeal. While the overall number of choices was limited, we feel the Lincoln MKS will provide the right mix of comfort, safety, and look.

Seating Capacity: 4 maximum 3 comfortable

Luggage Capacity: 2 large, 2 medium

Features: Rear passenger controls
for comfort.