Duty of Care

Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services Ltd.
Safety & Cleaning Protocol

At Global Alliance the safety, security, and privacy of our clients is paramount. We have made great effort to ensure that our vehicles are a clean and safe environment for both our chauffeurs and passengers. Below you will find information on the steps we have taken to minimize the possibility of exposure to Covid-19.

Personal Health Check – Chauffeurs

  1. Chauffeurs will always wear a face mask in the presence of a passenger. For proper use please view this link: https://www.toronto.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/8fdf-How-to-Safely-Wear-a-Cloth-or-Face-Covering-Banner.pdf
  2. If the mask causes glasses to fog up, chauffeur may wear mask as to cover mouth only.
  3. Chauffeur will greet passengers outside the vehicle and offer hand sanitizer prior to entry of vehicle.
  4. Chauffeur will ask passenger if they prefer to handle their own luggage or assist as normal.
  5. Chauffeur will ask if passenger prefers to open their own door.
  6. Hand sanitizer is to be placed and made available to the passenger in the vehicle.
  7. Water is to be offered and provided upon request, and not placed in passenger area as previously done.
  8. No magazines or other materials are to be left in the seat pockets.
  9. No passengers are to be allowed entry into vehicle without wearing a mask. If the client does not have their own, the chauffeur will offer one.

Cleaning Procedures – Chauffeur

  1. All vehicles are to be cleaned and wiped down daily and throughout the day as normal.
  2. After cleaning, disinfectant is to be applied to the entire vehicle daily. (Decon 30)
  3. A disinfectant wipe of all touch points is to be done prior to and after each passenger. This includes all door handles, seats, and seat belts and buckles.
  4. Protective gloves are to be worn during cleaning. For proper removal of gloves please view this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xy9xxpscSQw
  5. After cleaning is complete, chauffeur is to wash hands and/or use hand sanitizer.

Fleet Cleaning and Maintenance

  1. All vehicles are being professionally cleaned and sanitized using an electrostatic spray application of disinfectant.
    We have chosen Decon 30 for its effectiveness, minimal dwell time and environmental friendliness. https://benefect.com/ca/products/decon-30/
  2. After disinfectant is applied, an antimicrobial product called Aegis Microbe Shield (https://www.microban.com/antimicrobial-solutions/technologies/aegis-microbe-shield)
    will be applied to prevent bacteria from remaining on any surfaces. This will also be applied using an electrostatic sprayer. A sticker indicating such will be displayed inside the vehicle for passenger visibility.
  3. Regular cleaning will be done after each use, followed by an electrostatic application of disinfectant