Airport Meeting Procedures: Options for Arriving Passengers

The experienced corporate traveler is accustomed to adapting to differing circumstances, but it’s important for even the most frequent flyer to be armed with the proper information upon arriving at an airport in their destination city.

Arriving travelers at Pearson International Airport are faced with a particular set of procedures for meeting their chauffeur that are unique among major North American airports. Passengers who are used to finding their arranged limo driver in the baggage claim area from their experience at other airports are faced with a particular set of rules that may be unfamiliar to them.

Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services does its utmost to streamline the meeting process at the main Toronto airport hub for our clients in an effort to reduce the uncertainty and anxiety that arriving into an unfamiliar airport can create. Upon reserving airport service, clients are presented with two meeting procedure options by our reservations agents.

airportThe standard procedure at Pearson is a curbside call-up option. Passengers will be instructed via their email confirmation to continue out the exit doors of baggage claim, through the Main Arrivals Hall, and to the curbside commissionaire’s booth.

In Pearson Airport’s

  • Terminal 1, this booth is located outside of Door B;
  • Terminal 3, the booth can be found outside Door E, next to Post 29.

Passengers will then need to speak to the commissionaire on duty, giving their name and mentioning that they have a Global Alliance car waiting for them. The commissionaire will then call the chauffeur from the nearby pre-arranged transportation compound, and the limo should arrive within a minute or two to pick up the passenger.

This option carries no extra fee, and is a preferable option for the cost-conscious traveler. Locally-based arrivals and experienced, self-reliant passengers also often prefer to proceed to the curbside booth in this way. Still, Global Alliance recognizes that extra care and efficiency may be required for airport arrivals, especially for VIP and/or celebrity passengers and corporate groups arriving for conferences and events.

In such cases, an expert greeter can be arranged to meet the passenger outside of baggage claim for a modest additional fee. Our greeters have experience with and connections at Pearson Airport and are able to streamline the transfer process from baggage to ground transportation. They are often able to stage vehicles with the airport’s permission for famous and recognizable VIPs, allowing them to reach their limousine as quickly as possible. For airport bus arrivals, they can coordinate large groups (even those made up of passengers from multiple flights) and lead them to their coach with minimal fuss or discomfort. Greeters are even available upon departures for major VIP passengers, where they will meet the client at the curb and aid them through to check-in.

Mastering the challenges of providing reliable airport service has been a key factor in Global Alliance’s success in Toronto’s limo market. Providing our valued clients with a series of adaptable options for their arrivals is a vital component of that reliability.