Seating Configurations and Capacities for 14-Passenger Vans

One of the most useful and versatile vehicles in the Global Alliance fleet is our 14-passenger Ford Van. While there are certainly more luxurious transportation options available, the Van is not uncomfortable and has luggage capacity possibilities that outstrip that of our smaller and even comparably-sized and larger vehicles. The Van has removable bench seats, allowing this vehicle type to be customized to the passenger and luggage capacity needs of our clientele.

When all of the Van’s seats are in place, it can seat a maximum of 14 passengers (although this can be a tight fit). The luggage capacity of the Van at this configuration is almost nonexistent, however, as the rear bench seat is practically flush with the rear doors. Only hand luggage that can be held securely on the passengers’ laps can be accommodated with this seat configuration.

vanOnce one seat is removed from the Van, 10 passengers can be accommodated (again, snugly) but so can luggage. Up to 10 large suitcases can be stacked into the space left by the vacated seat in this particular configuration. Similar additions to the luggage capacity can be expected with further seats removed. As for passenger capacity, with two seats out, 7 passengers can be accommodated in the Van, while 4 passengers will have seating if three seats are removed from the vehicle.

With all seats removed, the Van becomes a Luggage Van capable of fitting upwards of 40 pieces of luggage, or even larger shipping crates, mechanical equipment, or musical instruments should such items be required. The only seating available in this Van configuration is the passenger seat up front next to the driver, as all rear bench seating would be removed to make room for luggage. Should a single passenger wish to ride up front in a Van thus customized, it would be best to inform your reservations specialist of this at the time of booking or in advance of the transfer. A different class of license is required for a driver of a Van with passengers than for a luggage van with no passengers, and our dispatch team will have to assign a properly licensed driver depending on whether a passenger will be accompanying the luggage or not.

Customizable and reliable, the 14-passenger Van is a key component of Global Alliance’s world-class fleet as both a passenger and luggage transporting vehicle.


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