A Quick Introductory Guide to Online Bookings

When ordering chauffeur transportation services with Global Alliance, our valued clients often want a degree of flexibility in booking options. In addition to speaking with our experienced reservations specialists on the phone or emailing in requests, Global Alliance offers a booking option via our website that allows clients to reserve services quickly and conveniently online.

If you wish, take a moment to visit the Online Booking page on the Global Alliance site. You will note three options in separate boxes: “New Customer?”, “Returning Customer Login”, “Activate On-Line Service (Current Customer)”.

onlinebooking1“New Customer?” allows a first-time client of Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services to create a booking profile for themselves by filling in a various fields of vital information, including name, contact phone number(s) and email address(es), credit card information, and any other details of importance (which can be added to the Notes section at the bottom of the online form). Once the necessary fields are completed, the Register button will create a booking profile in Global Alliance’s Livery Coach reservations program allowing the client to order limousine services.

“Activate On-Line Service (Current Customer)” allows clients of Global Alliance with existing booking profiles to set up online booking service. They will be asked to provide their name (first and last), email, and a desired username, at which point an email will be sent to the address given with a password generated by the booking system. The client can later change this password via the online booking engine in the Profile section. As prompted in this box, the client can also phone into the Global Alliance office to add a username and password to their profile with a reservationist if they do not want to wait for the automatic email and then change the password after that.

onlinebooking2“Returning Customer Login” asks for that username and password as login before proceeding to the main Online Booking portal. New Reservation allows the customer to move through easy-to-use screens prompting users to provide necessary information for reserving chauffeured transportation service with Global Alliance, including date, time, passenger names, locations, vehicle type, and flight and greeter information if applicable. Active trips booked through the client’s profile will be listed under Trip List, giving clients the option to alter or even cancel their current reservations if required as well as to generate a single-document list of all current orders and either print this file or export it into Microsoft Excel. Profile allows clients to edit the contact or billing details in their personal profile, as well as to add a new one credit card. Receipts can also be access and printed through this screen.


Once the service request has been completed by the client and submitted, Global Alliance’s experienced reservations specialists will receive a notification of the order’s entry into Livery Coach. An agent will then examine the order, adding details such as occasion, verifying pricing, and checking availability for specialty vehicles. Any details which may be unclear (particularly airport meeting procedures) will then be confirmed by the reservationist with the client.

Through its online booking system as described, Global Alliance Worldwide Chauffeured Services gives its clients a degree of autonomy and control while maintaining our high standard of quality control through the experience of our reservations specialists. If you have more questions about the online booking option, feel free to speak to a reservations agent and get a username and password set up today.

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